Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Positive Outlook

It's January 17 - holla! Here inside this "tempest in a tea kettle" I call my life, things have been on warp speed for the past few months. I can't say it's been healthy, because lately I find myself quite discontent. I think I have a fairly realistic outlook on life. I'd even go so far as to say I fall within the realistic-to-optimistic space on this imaginary chart. But this seasonal funk has been getting the better of me and I'm unhappy with it. And when I get unhappy I ask questions. I assess. I put my life under a microscope and I look for root causes. That sometimes often requires Googling.

I found this article from Mayo Clinic quite helpful and inspirational, even though it's simple and perhaps even a reiteration of things I've encountered over 40 years of life. When my internal processor reaches capacity, I have to purge what's in the cache and expand the chips and boards. I am working this week to let go (or make peace) with the fact that I can't control the decisions people make - even when my crystal ball reveals an uncannily clear and accurate picture. What I can do is say "no" to participating in the process. I can engage in things that make me happy, and I can continue mastering my craft, developing emerging skills, and expanding my knowledge base in areas where I have curiosity. 

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