Monday, August 06, 2012

April - August

I re-read my April 2, 2012 post and thought, "Wow, did I write that?" It seems so happy, and lately I've been anything but. And anytime I feel comprehensively wretched, I have to assess and "count my blessings."

In addition to having a zillion home improvement things going on, I've been on a fun beach trip with my friends, visited a friend in Texas and FINALLY got to see Robyn live (amazing show, thanks again Jon!), spent a week with my family, turned 41, and over the weekend I picked up my annual CEU requirements via 3 STOTT PILATES workshops.

In that time there has also been a really alarming, concerning eruption of hate, discontent, and continued divisiveness in our country. None of these things add value to anyone's life, anyone's country, or anyone's world. It has to stop.

I do not subscribe to hate, negativity, "victims of life," etc. And as such I have chosen to "unsubscribe" from people I've known for many years, several years, and people I don't really know at all, in my social networking circles. I used to believe it was smarter to "know the enemy," but I've decided there is no enemy, just people functioning as metaphorical barriers to negate my own evolution. It has been a difficult lesson to learn, and it doesn't leave me feeling warm-fuzzy.

I had a breakthrough yesterday at lunch with The Time Child. We modified the classic "glass half full/half empty" idea. We decided that everyone has a completely full glass of happy available to them at any given moment, but life contaminates this glass. We have to filter the glass and purify the volume.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Dippin' Dots

I'm a little bit into dipped paint items these days, too, Style Files. I have a few items I'm reluctant to discard, because they're quite functional and in really good shape, but they've outlived the "style" mark, and now threaten the national style profile here at the Empire. And for this they shall be dipped. I am concerned that doing this will immediately date something as "2012," but I will address that (again) when the time comes and someone says "OMG you still have dipped paint stuff? That's so 2012!" Normally I would be the one saying this, so now I'm second guessing my decision. I am going to keep it a secret until it's done/did.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Positive Outlook

It's January 17 - holla! Here inside this "tempest in a tea kettle" I call my life, things have been on warp speed for the past few months. I can't say it's been healthy, because lately I find myself quite discontent. I think I have a fairly realistic outlook on life. I'd even go so far as to say I fall within the realistic-to-optimistic space on this imaginary chart. But this seasonal funk has been getting the better of me and I'm unhappy with it. And when I get unhappy I ask questions. I assess. I put my life under a microscope and I look for root causes. That sometimes often requires Googling.

I found this article from Mayo Clinic quite helpful and inspirational, even though it's simple and perhaps even a reiteration of things I've encountered over 40 years of life. When my internal processor reaches capacity, I have to purge what's in the cache and expand the chips and boards. I am working this week to let go (or make peace) with the fact that I can't control the decisions people make - even when my crystal ball reveals an uncannily clear and accurate picture. What I can do is say "no" to participating in the process. I can engage in things that make me happy, and I can continue mastering my craft, developing emerging skills, and expanding my knowledge base in areas where I have curiosity. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Election: The Candidate Match Game -

It's been a minute, but Daddy has lots to talk about. I'm not "just about" home ownership and fabric samples! Stay tuned but, for now, take this quiz. I was surprised, actually, with the results.