Monday, December 05, 2011

I Heart December

I love December and I'm pretty sure it's because it includes a few of my favorite things. (Is it just me or does that seem familiar?)

1.) Shopping. I don't need to say anything more but I will. Why? Because I get to shop for people I love, including myself. I love him so much.
2.) Sugar. I heart me some seasonally packaged chocolate + home-baked confections. And I eat them freely during December.
3.) Schedule. December is a challenge and you have to own it like it's your bitch or else it will walk all over you. But I love being able to plan the holiday season, especially when I figure out how to spend MORE (not less) time with my family in Mobile. 10 days this year? Oh yeah babe.

I am also spending December reviewing my entire STOTT PILATES instructor repertoire. There are over 500 exercises (including modifications) across the entire range and it's impossible to recall it all by rote memorization. I like to break it down by apparatus, then compose a cross-platform workout, which I spend 30 minutes reviewing each day. I do sound cray-cray when I teach myself aloud but it's helpful nonetheless.

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Mary said...

Stumbled across your blog and am now wishing I had earlier so I could've made December my bitch. I went back and read all your posts. I need you in my life. I, uh, pretty much love you in the most non-creepy way you can imagine.