Friday, November 11, 2011

Mr. Miagi

A few months back I posted about obtaining black bamboo. It lives in the yellow-ish resin planter at left. I also dug up a few bamboo plants from my parents' house in Mobile, because as I often say, "If a little is good, then a lot is better." I opted to get them started in my tomato buckets, which I spray painted crimson in honor of football season. The great news is that each of these plants is thriving - but the larger on the right (near Maddie, who is getting her sunbath on) is coming up gangbusters.

This is making up for the puny clumping variety that continues to wane in the front bed (so disappointing) but I have decided if it doesn't rebound in the spring, I'll repot and move one of the thrivers to that position.

I have also decided to obtain a Japanese maple tree - "Osakazuki" variety to be exact - which I'm going to add to a bench planter on my patio. If you see me outside practicing my crane move, you'll know I've gone full-on Karate Kid.

Be warned.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Self Assessment(s)

As the Emperor, I speak for everyone here at the Empire in saying "we've been getting a lot of shit done." Well, mostly done. Our culture is one that promotes the 90% complete project, and we are working to improve the practices of the subjects so as to hit that desirable 100% mark.

Such is the kitchen.

We've spent a few nights and weekends adding a glass tile backsplash with intermittent mirrors. We're all about bouncing the light and, as this image indicates, eating a little healthier to keep the creative fire fueled. I need to seal grout and finish/refloat a few lines, but changing the cabinet hardware and installing a new fascia board above the sink has helped us feel a wee bit more current.

At some point I'm going to add a smaller, really Euro refrigerator and develop additional storage in the space that action will free up - and I'm leaning toward real wood countertops - but for now I'm fairly content.

It's so perplexing to me - as the kitchen was completely serviceable I'd not ranked it high on the priority list for attention but once it said "Please look at me," I couldn't ignore its patrician request.

I have a ton more to post and will work to do that this week. It's been a maelstrom but quite rewarding, of course.

As I closed on my house on April 29, I will always be able to measure my progress based on the devastating tornadoes we endured here in Alabama on April 27. At the six-month mark a few weeks ago I took a bit of time to go on a photo tour of the Empire. The results were pleasing. There is still so much I want and need to do, but if anything I realize I've not just been sitting around watching Jersey Shore and eating Bon-Bons. (The fact is, I eat a lot of almonds and DVR the Rachel Zoe Project.)