Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Make It A Point

Every day we have choices to make. The summation of these choices represent and embody our standards  and expectations. When we recognize the choices we need to make, but struggle to succeed in executing them, we set ourselves up for disappointment and reduced feelings of fulfillment. The range here is vast, of course. Maybe the world won't end because you didn't fold the laundry the minute the dryer stopped running, but dismissing seemingly innocuous things has a cumulative effect and add to larger scale disappointments.

Life is short, isn't it? Do the things that ideally you think should be done, even if it means you take 5 extra minutes. Sweat the small stuff. It can mean the difference between feeling blase about your life or truly self-assured and fulfilled. And if you don't sweat it, no one else will either.

This means, ultimately, your dryer could always have a load of laundry in it. And nothing illicits a wince and "aww Hell naw" like jack-in-the-box white clothes in the dryer. I'm just sayin'.

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