Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby's Black Bamboo

My friend Brian gasped, "Tom Ford!"
It's been a fairly busy past few weeks and it appears that will be the forecast for the foreseeable future. I'm trying to figure out a way to spin this positively and, yeah, not happening, but at least my hot tub is now up and running and I can soak away the stress and aches at the end of the day. That's positive, right?

Another thing I find incredibly effective at encouraging deeper breathing is bamboo. I know that sounds odd, and I've probably talked about my love for this prolific cane in blogs past, but I find it elegant and graceful and for some reason this seems to settle me.

Earlier this summer I acquired a small "clumping bamboo" plant. Don't get excited, this picture is NOT it. Right now it's clinging to life in a new large pot, on a pedestal even, in my front flower bed. As it turns out, and contrary to popular belief, bamboo doesn't just live in anything. It actually has a preference for well-prepared soil and nutrients (who knew?). Some research performed in attempting to save the life of my current bamboo lead me to Beautiful Bamboo. And that lead me to black bamboo.

Amazing, isn't it?

The Empire's newest acquisition.
This variety is a timber/clumping variety that apparently has no use for any type of cold weather, so it seems I'll only be able to admire it from afar. In its place, however, I acquired a running black bamboo which is touted as "very hardy." On a recent design blog I saw bamboo installations on a really high-end deck, intended to function as privacy screens. They had been planted in galvanized steel livestock watering troughs.

I didn't know what to expect when live plants are FedEx'ed, but I was pretty impressed that it arrived in a box, with the canes somewhat twisted backward, packed very tight with wadded newspaper. As instructed, I unpacked, stood upright, and watered well. When I repotted it into a larger container last night (you didn't think I'd plant it in the ground, did you?), I was amazed at how profuse the root bed "nexus" appeared. There's this huge underground "cane dragon" that's wrapped the entire 1-gallon container and, I swear, it screamed "FEED ME" when I exposed it. I predict success with this variety.

I will spend the winter determining exactly where I want to permanently place it. I'm thinking of a raised concrete channel bed directly behind the hot tub patio to serve as a courtyard divider/privacy screen/swanky backdrop.

And finally, a post to the video of the song that inspired this post's title. I loved Goo Goo Dolls back in the day, and this was my favorite from them.

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