Thursday, June 23, 2011

Warding Off The Funk

If you live with an Australian Shepherd, you live with fur. Lots and lots of shedding fur. Fur that tends to find its way to the hood vent of your stove, despite the fact that you clean daily and the vent is 6' taller than said canine.

This is acceptable, of course, because if you live with an Australian Shepherd you live with a dog that makes you smile for no other reason than just being himself. When I look down and see Geege Weave, I just think "Oh he's just being Miley," and either reach for the broom or the Swiffer.  [Note: I don't reference Maddie because she is a Jack Russell which means she's really a person and as such is excused from accountability.]

And now I have a new weapon in my one man war against Dog Dirt:  The Shark Steam Mop. In one of my Saturday ADD haze-induced shopping excursions to a local big box home improvement store, I happened to spot this item on the shelf at a reduced cost. I thought, "Wood laminate floors in heavy dog traffic areas + the added awesomeness of steam? Done and done!" I was even more excited when I thought, driving home, I'd add tea tree oil - maybe even Aveda Energizing Composition - to my steam for a full-on cleanliness overload but, alas, the instructions (yes, I read them) say emphatically DO NOT ADD SCENTED OIL OR ANYTHING TO THE CHAMBER. I am a rule follower, by nature, so I have avoided this temptation but I will say the overall result of the product is impressive.

I have used it twice, and though of course it initially sent both dogs running to the bedroom with its hissing and steaming, their natural curiosity is getting the better of them and now they like to watch from the corner. I give it a big thumbs up!

From a lecture perspective I'd also like to point out that people DO notice when your house is dirty, even though they say they don't. Are you listening college boys? It is never ok to have a grimy, grocery-store-feet bathtub or mold growing in your sink or toilet. Buy some Comet and a sponge. Use them. Weekly. OK, lecture over.

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