Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Is The Re-Launch

Day One. And so it begins. I have lamented for quite some time about the staleness of my writing and my lack of inspiration and motivation. I felt like I'd run out of things to say but what I've come to realize is that I feel like I've run out of NEW things to say. And how ridiculous is that? I ask myself. New things happen every day. 

Clouds fall out of the sky and wipe away the landscape, changing lives forever. The daily grind gets re-routed slightly when we move half a mile away, and suddenly places and establishments we've never discovered become regular fixtures. The inevitably temporary family you've built over the course of a year disbands, but instead of feeling melancholy you're gratified because you've lived just long enough to know that the way it would end was clear before it began: and you accepted this fate with grace and you lived.

It is selfish not to share a thought, but there are some that are best kept incubating before they're debuted. It's like starting seeds, then hardening them off a month or so later, and sharing the ready-to-thrive seedlings with people you know and love. A reversion to journaling has helped me in this discovery, and I am using Day One on both my iMac and my iPad to grow in this dimension of thought gathering and processing. 

Yes, I'm still ridiculously engaged in whipping my new house into shape. Yes, I would still love to look like Brad Pitt in "Troy." Yes, I could still sit and watch people for hours. So the truth is, I am inspired. And I am writing. And I am thankful to have endured this bump in the road but blessed at the same time to have made the discovery.


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