Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snap Crackle Crunch

Even when my neighbors got new ceilings in the 1970's - new ceilings with GLITTER - I was never a fan of the blown-in popcorn ceiling. Solid glitter ceiling? Love. Plain popcorn? Hate.

And so it came to be that I purchased a home with popcorn ceilings and I knew they would be one of the first things I said buy-bye to. Unfortunately this process is sucktastic and no amount of precaution will prevent you from making your home a powdered doughnut. I opted to tackle the master bedroom first, since it is vacant as I await a new bed and prepare to refinish a dresser.

Armed with contractor paper (rolled on the floor) and my new garden sprayer, I got busy on Saturday morning just as the 1000 helpful YouTube videos and websites advised. I even wore my invisible man breathing mask and, just because they were available, my children's size infrared ski goggles. I felt that was appropriate since of course I was also blaring Nicki Minaj on the iPod.

[I keep trying to add more pictures and of course my HD camera settings are high so the interwebz is saying "too much! too much!" I will keep trying.]

The removal of the popcorn is tres' easy. You just pretty much spray and scrape. A note on the spraying - if you're turned off by dirt, like I am, you will get rid of your popcorn ceilings immediately. One spray and everything turns dirt brown, even though your ceiling looks white. Eww.

As I was scraping I was pretty conscientious of not damaging the underlying drywall (when I wasn't practicing Super Bass choreography) but inevitably there are areas of imperfection: this is why they spray ceilings to begin with. It's a great camouflage. Thankfully though most of my ceiling appears to have been floated with mud prior to spraying so I'm thinking, "Home free, bitches!" But I was wrong. I was so wrong.

Why? My water bath had also loosened the drywall tape at the wall-to-ceiling joint. This meant I had to remud/retape the entire room. I also have gone back and patched areas of concern and, last night, I went a little crazy with my new pole sander. As most know, despite the fact that I'm days away from turning 40, I love anything that sounds somewhat close to "pole dancer," so instead of dwelling on the discomfort in my upper traps, I just listened to some more Nicki Minaj. Do we see a pattern developing here?

What remains is a bit of a concern. What if I've not smoothed the ceilings well enough? What if my primer/paint job looks like shudoobie? My tight timeline will be thwarted, my furniture will remain in storage, and I'll have to reach out for professional assistance. If, however, this is successful, I will motor on with the rest of my 8' ceiling areas. Keep your fingers crossed.

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