Monday, June 20, 2011

Pillow Talk

Joseph Pilates was all about the way we sleep. In typical JP fashion, he was a bit extreme in his beliefs and of course had designed prototypes for beds that were a bit like hospital beds (or so I'm told), but one thing I know in 2011 is that mattresses will tell you when "it's time," but pillows are the windows to the soul. Work with me here. And before you go blaming your mattress for all that is wrong in the world, consider your pillow.

I have been sleeping with a memory foam pillow for several years. I am a back sleeper, for the most part (MSJ used to say I looked like Dracula when I was asleep), but not surprisingly I'm also a Princess With A Pea and if things aren't 100% right, I will turn into a rotisserie chicken and occasionally will throw a cow-kick here and there.

Lately my memory foam pillow has been slow on the uptake, so yesterday I bought a new fancy pillow and last night I slept like a baby. A baby Dracula!

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