Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When I talk about having lived in Arkansas many people raise their eyebrows and act as if my life was akin to the movie "Winter's Bone." I always laugh quietly because most of these people are in Alabama but the simple fact is that life in Little Rock was really very good and I have fantastic memories of my friends there.

Probably one of my favorite times in Little Rock was living in Pinnacle Valley and taking our horses down to Two Rivers Park to hack the trails there. It was one of the few places where the footing wasn't full of stones! One of the plants that grew in abundance in this low-lying area (at the convergence of two rivers, but I bet you have already figured this out, right?) was horsetail. It was everywhere and I always thought it was so interesting and beautiful in its vertical "I'm not bamboo but you think I am" way.

In subsequent travels I've seen it used in really impressive ways, so I was rather gobsmacked when The Time Child brought me a handful last week. "I saw this when I was in LA and thought it was fabulous, then I got home and there was some in my Nanny's yard." I have done some initial research because of course it's looking a little ill, but my initial instincts to put it in a non-draining pot and keeping the soil really wet were correct. Hopefully it will take root and recover.

If anyone has tips, I'd appreciate hearing them!

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