Friday, April 01, 2011

Something Old Something New

On today's episode of Me and My New iMac, I'm going to learn how to actually place a photograph in my blog. In the past 24 hours I've learned to remove the flash memory card from my digital camera, place it into a little secret Bat-slot that I had no idea existed, then upload photographs. It was, in fact, another process that required supervision from the Time Child but in my defense, you don't get an iManual with iProducts and so I feel no shame in saying iDontKnow.

Update: it's 30 minutes later and while I've not learned how to find the images to simply place into the Blogger Uploader I have bumped-it-up-a-notch by discovering Slideshow, making a movie, and placing it on YouTube. "Why was this so important?" I hear you ask. Hopefully after viewing it will make more sense but, in summation, I think I've finally found "the look" I want for a 1960's little coffee table my grandmother gave me nearly 20 years ago, a few years before she passed away. I've attempted to give it a few facelifts over the years - fake stone paint (fail!) and upholstery (great fabric, not totally in love with it but was able to live with it for nearly 15 years) - but when it occurred to me last week that it was the perfect base for a little test-go with glass tile I nearly clamored over myself to get to the home improvement store.

It has been fun sharing this project with Heath, who has a great eye for detail and appreciates the sentimental value of heirlooms and family. He's also been really good at helping me stay on a budget. I think I spent around $60 once it all shaked out, but from my perspective it's a small price to pay. I left a few imperfections because they remind me that nothing is perfect, but everything is beautiful. We just have to clean our lenses occasionally.

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