Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mutant Ninja Turtle Vest

Today Google isn't allowing me to edit my "horsey little things page" in the Fisher Price My First Web Page preview version and listen, it's too early to attempt HTML. And so I am adding a few "fs" (that means "for sale") items to this post. Please let me know via email ( if you're interested in any of this lot.

1. Charles Owen safety vest. Black, size Medium. EXCELLENT condition, lightly used, and thankfully never crashed! $100.

2. European 50 (US 42) midnight blue/red-lined 4-button riding jacket from Horka (Holland). I bought this jacket from a tack shop in England and have competed in it 3 times. $150.

3. Size 9.5 dress boots. I am pretty sure I wore these just long enough to get the ankles to break, which they did very easily. Very comfortable and in excellent condition. $100.

4. Size 36L Tailored Sportsmen breeches. Brand new, never worn, tags still on. $100.

5. Size 34R Tailored Sportsmen breeches. Lightly used, great shape. $85.

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