Thursday, March 03, 2011


Please don't think me bougie.
As my STOTT PILATES education has evolved, so have my thoughts on owning pilates apparatus. While I am employed part-time at a full-service studio, I teach at night and to be quite honest, there are times when I just want to come home after a.) a long day at the office and b.) a few hours teaching at the studio. My dogs are very special to me, and staying behind 1 more hour to workout leaves me feeling guilty that they're home alone while I'm focusing on flexing my spine.

When I received the news I'd passed my Level II Certification examination earlier this year, I decided to invest in a commercial-grade reformer and additional apparatus to complement the spring wall I've had for nearly a year. I chose the SPX Max Reformer from STOTT simply because it was exactly the same height as my platform and could work in conjunction with the spring wall if I also had the mat converter (the large black board leaning against the wall). I bought a bundle package that includes the reformer box and all sorts of other goodies, then also chose said mat converter, the jumpboard (plyometric cardio goodness), and the rotational diskboard (both of these at left as well) which is all kinds of challenging for the deep stabilizers of both the hips and the shoulder girdle. I also got a deluxe arc barrel for matwork which is, in my opinion, one of the most amazing (and affordable) props you can incorporate into a workout. I have retained the platform I built, of course, and will continue to use.

The placement of my "studio" isn't ideal simply because there's not enough room on the left side for large rotational work or certain exercises involving abduction, but I can implement lots of modifications to achieve this or, you guessed it, hit up the Big Studio when a proper port de bras is the only thing that will make me feel better. 

p.s. This is the "surprise" I referenced in my last blog post and, yes, I did do my 10 "squats," after getting the reformer installed yesterday. I chose to do plies in the hip abduction position. Yowzas!

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