Monday, March 21, 2011

Glass Houses

My love for glass tile has reached a feverish pitch. It is only made greater by my extreme fondness for a recessed shelf. While I probably would not want this exact prototype for my own bathroom, I do love the light-capturing windows (what do you call these sorts of windows - that are set high on the wall to retain privacy?) and I am actually a fan of the green. I know in staged "showroom" shots like this the "more is more" mentality prevails, but in an end-user scenario an edit would likely be a good idea. The small scale of the 1" tile is just right, but it loses some of its magic when asked to compete alongside the 3" square.

Why do I care, I hear you ask? Well, a bathroom remodel just well may be within my immediate future - or at least by the end of 2011. Time will tell, but the steps have been taken for me and the dogs to take up a new residence in May. Fingers crossed!

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