Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Give Me A Platform

How do we feel about platform beds? Be honest. This is my back we're talking about.

I like the way they look, and for some reason I feel like I would like to have one. Not this one, of course, but as someone who seeks efficiency, I do like the idea of the storage drawers beneath. No longer would I need to hide my Glock between the mattress and box spring. I could have a designated drawer for it. Brilliant! (Kidding on the Glock, interwebz gun patrollers people.)


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Paula said...

My opinion on platform beds is that they are too masculine. Love the storage though.

Robby Johnson said...

Thanks for the feedback Paula! I'll keep it in my bedroom for sure (not the guest, where my parents sleep when they visit).

Shannon said...

I had a platform bed from IKEA years ago, when I lived in NYC and had limited space. It was fantastic!! The drawers I used were on rollers, freestanding, and could be pulled out and moved around.