Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Glute Camp: A Better Butt Without Surgery | ThePostGame

I have decided to make March a month of ... squats! I am doing at least 10 squats per day for the entire month of March. Mostly because there are tons of varieties out there (I have some personal favorites, and others I'm eager to discover), but also because, when done correctly, squats are very effective at reducing my anterior pelvic tilt. Engaging the glutes/hamstrings to spin the pelvis into a more neutral position also involves quite a bit of abdominal work - particularly transverse abdominus to maintain the pelvis in neutral.

I have to think this is a good thing. I've had a rough few months and haven't really been skippy on the workouts. This must change! I have a surprise I hope to post tomorrow as well, which will address my increased focus and motivation to "get right."

Today I did squats using my STOTT PILATES spring wall. These are my favorites, of all the squats I've done, because you use the arm springs which really challenges stability and forces correct recruitment through the core. And because these squats go from flexion of the spine to neutral position of the spine, both the rectus and transverse are worked, along with the hip extensors and flexors.

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