Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bum Like You

I know, I suck. It's just downright unacceptable that my blog has dried up into a prune. As an apology, I'd like to offer up something I consider spectacular, pure, and inspiring. This is my favorite track on the "Robyn" album - the acoustic version. In the coming months I intend to tackle intense subjects here at the old blogstead, as I surf toward the big Four-Oh. Intense subjects like "Zappos.com: Love Or Hate?" and "Donkey Kong Country Returns: At 40, It's Great For Mind/Body Control." Stay tuned 23 followers - you light up my life and I'm sorry I've been such a bum.

Disclaimer: If you're reading this as a Note on Facebook, it's because my blog - located at www.robbyjohnson.com - feeds directly into my Facebook account. Majikal, right? Point being, if I link a YouTube video or other graphics it may not show up. For your fully-integrated Robby Johnson user experience, visit www.robbyjohnson.com. Let the beat hit 'em, y'all!

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