Monday, November 15, 2010

The Cloud

For me there are 2 things: documents and more documents or, as I like to call it, Shit I Have To File. In life, we all have crosses to bear and I must say apparently I've done something really wrong in previous existences because all I want is everything neat and organized (and preferably out-of-sight). You'd think with access to a relatively bright intern I'd be able to accomplish this but all I tend to get are vacant stares, gum-smacking, "How do you want me to do it?" questions, and general push-back. This is the problem with Millenials, folks. Love them like whoa for their fierce confidence and sense of self, disappointed in their inability to self-start. I have faith, of course, that one day this too shall pass and we'll evolve to a place where it's easy to place information and, more important, access it. As such, I've been increasing my use of Google Documents over the past year or so and I must say I've been fairly pleased. This is all at a personal level, of course, but it is my hope that eventually I will also have a tag-able/shareable/venerable system that a.) I don't have to deal with and b.) if I do have to deal with it it's easy and makes sense.

In other news, my porch spinach continues to waffle on the "Girl I'm just not sure I can make it vs. I'm A Little Engine Who Can!" fence. I am holding it accountable for surviving but not entirely confident success is our destiny. I hope it is, though. I need more rich in iron and anti-oxidant food sources in my life!

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