Friday, September 24, 2010

Horned Toad

Mess with me and I will squirt blood from my eyes.

I hear MSJ shrieking as I type. Her irrational fear of lizards is the result of me tormenting her as children with the anoles that are so abundant in these here parts. I was a geeky kid and loved to read the encyclopaedia and any other literature I could access that referenced animals. I wanted to be a veterinarian and suppose that probably is one of those "missed calling" things I'll have to index into my life but let me just tell you, when this reptile went scampering across the sidewalk between the holly bushes on Sunday my first thought was "Not a chipmunk, probably not a Gremlin, but damn sure ain't from around here!" On Monday I got a close-up view of what I think to be a horned toad someone has apparently released and that is surviving quite well outside. In fact, this image was shot Tuesday at lunch: the lizard was stalking a butterfly. So nature-y.

Envisioning my own little private "Jurassic Park," I shared this information with the maintenance staff who said they'd been trying to trap the lizard for over a month, and are increasing their efforts as impending cooler weather will certainly not bode well for it, so hopefully it will end well. A note to the asshole who released the lizard: take responsibility for your actions. DO NOT ACQUIRE PETS FOR WHICH YOU CANNOT CARE but, if you find yourself at a precipice, do the right thing by the animal and find it an appropriate home. 

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√Člia M said...

I have a lizard pic on my blog as well. Almost exactly as yours. Nice blog.