Monday, August 23, 2010

Lil' Ruby

Click image for larger perspective.
Because I majored in butterflies and minored in ponies, I also feed hummingbirds. This is not big news, as I've been feeding them at the office for a few years now. However, I have increased my hummingbird footprint and added a feeder to my veranda after nearly getting my head taken off by an errant chick when I was harvesting basil. Yes, I said it, VERANDA and HARVESTING BASIL: let the record show I am now Martha Bloody Stewart.

Immediately the family began using the feeder, without much hesitation. In fact, initially I wondered if they were rabid because I had not one but two really blessed occasions to be about 2' away from the feeder while a tiny hen perched and fed. I could see areas on her body that had not fully developed plumage and the shine of her tiny black eyeballs as she tilted her head ever-so-slightly. This image is of a young male, as noted by his ruby throat. I actually shot it using my zoom, through the glass door, but thought it was also a unique vantage point.

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