Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Come Into The Closet

I didn't take a before pic because I'd already made one intermediate "improvement" to my closet but, on one of the hottest weekends of summer (and in Alabama, that's saying something), I opted to stay in for a RADICAL closet overhaul. Should it take 3 days to remove existing shelving and add new shelving? Probably not. It does when you're me though, and everything has to be super level and plumb and precise. Result? I can walk all the way in and all of my luxuriation is contained in one space. Huzzah!

Was I thrilled to be able to modify a free-standing shoe-rack by fixing to the wall? Did I chop down the width of an existing one using a mere hacksaw? Why yes I was, and why yes I did.

Closet redo was Step 1 in a quest to relocate my pilates spring wall. Note to file: Spring Wall is a whore to relocate so don't plan any other functional crazies until you move. I still haven't finished my 2010 Year Of Organizational Change list, but I've gotten really far. I need to hang a few more shelves and edit a few more things, but overall I'm really pleased with tracking and it's been fun to have a goal to which I'm really committed.

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