Monday, July 19, 2010

Cymbals and Drums

The results of my pot rack "vision" are included here. I would like to state, for the record, that the only thing I was able to achieve from a goal perspective was staying below $30 on the hardware. Even though I spent $20 additional on dog items since Lowe's now has a pet area and apparently I cannot say no to a Nylabone.

Even though it only took 30 minutes to build the square frame (those were the leftover boards from building the mat platform for the spring wall), installation took several hours, and the box itself isn't 100% square. That's the result of trimwork that really should've been finished in a wood shop with a fine blade saw. And ideally I could've glued the pieces together and secured them with some sort of concealed joint. However, in the spirit of repurposing and utilizing existing resources, I just went with big stainless wood screws. I decided I would call it a very IKEA look.

I didn't plan to purchase another board but once I started seeking a rafter for permanent mounting, my luck took a nose dive. Because the rack itself only weighs about 5 pounds, and because the total pots/pans (excluding 2 cast iron skillets which I never use and, as such, was willing to store elsewhere) are probably another 25, I thought I'd install those on the ceiling with 4 drywall toggle bolts each and then hang the hooks from there. Lo and behold I only had to do one of those per board because I hit a rafter on the end pilot holes so I feel relatively confident we're set for awhile. And I was able to store my two flat skillets on diagonal corners on top of the box.

Yes, I went a bit overboard with chain. Let's just say if I ever need to haunt a house, I'm covered. But inside the box I incorporated a suspended chain with S-hooks for hanging the lids to the pots. This is an image I took lying on the floor because, let's face it, I'm a geek, and all I could think as I was in such a precarious position was playing "Pots and Pans" with my mother's utensils when we were kids. She'd give us a wooden spoon and we'd attempt to make music. I can only imagine how awful that must've sounded, but my mother is aces and always seemed to be able to rise above the small stuff. She did not, nor does she now, have a pot rack.

I also thought I'd stain the wood (and may still, eventually), but for now it matches and is rather pleasant in its natural state. Anyone who has visited me and bonked their heads on the 3 apothecary jars I had hanging from a light fixture in "the library" will be pleased to see they've been relocated and are hovering well above 6'! I think they add a fun touch of color.

And finally, none of this would've been possible without the guarding eye of Glenwood. He's such a sheepdog; he lies in the floor and watches, wherever I am and whatever I'm doing. Pretty cute huh?

Now that I've achieved this goal, I think I need to cook something "pots and pans-y." Maybe a good summer soup is in order. Possibly gazpacho!

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