Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Continuing With The Crazy

Thanks for the nudge, Sue-age!

All is well here in the Seventh Circle of Hell. It rained yesterday at lunch, and the steam that followed was literally - and I say that in the most Rachel Zoe way possible ... "Lit'trall-eee" suffocating. Still, I managed to hang my hummingbird feeders at the office because, suddenly, it's nearly August and I've not done that. Why did I decide to? Two days in a row my little hummer lit in the dogwood and sent me a telepathic message. "It's hard out here for a hummer," he said. How can you say "no" to that? How?

Because I'm planning to buy a crib next year, it only makes sense that I suddenly begin treating my apartment like it is, in fact, my own. Save money for closing costs when, instead, you can modify your closet? Yeah, that makes sense. However, for $60, I think I'm close to quashing a lingering annoyance I've had for 4 years now ... I cannot fit all of my clothes into a walk-in closet that, while small, should be better equipped and designed. As my girl Tonya told me yesterday, "$6 a month for your remaining 10 months - and happy - is worth it." She's right.

And even though I edited wardrobe earlier this year, I'm prepared to do it again once my modification with new shelving is complete. If it cannot fit into the space, I probably don't need it. People who reside on the Robby Hand-Me-Down list, prepare. There could be H&M in your near future.

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