Monday, June 14, 2010

Over The Shoulder

As it turns out, Glenwood is developing quite the personality. This is, of course, why he begins obedience class tonight. He's such a sweet, expressive, funny little dog. It's always rewarding to see positive traits emerge in a pet. Our routine is such that we walk each morning, about 3 miles. This seems to keep the energy/crazies at bay, but only for about 18 hours. It's my hope that our class will begin giving us some additional tools for mental stimulation. Admittedly, he's pretty uncomplicated from that perspective so I do count myself blessed. What's super funny about him, though, is his love of a belly rub and his hyper-mobile hips, which allow him to spread out like a bear-skin rug. This morning we had a supermodel photoshoot after I dried his dew-wet legs and belly. He gave me this rich over-the-shoulder pose as a freebie. I think Tyra Banks would be proud.

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