Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Here it is, nearly halfway through 2010 and what do you know? I have a new dog. I intend to write a proper entry about Glenwood, and how I came about acquiring him, but for now will just post a picture of our riverside stroll this morning.

He is a 14-week +/- miniature black-tri Australian Shepherd. Right now he is adjusting to life "in the city," having lived entirely at his breeder's place in the country rambunctiously active with his litter mates. Noise is new to him and we're taking it very slow with the introductions. And because he's a big baby, I wind up carrying him a lot of places. I am convinced, however, that he will evolve.

Maddie is quite fine with him, although she doesn't share his zest for puppy-play. She does let him lick her ears and worship her as The Queen, so it's been a fairly pleasant 72 hours. I am prepared to stay the course with physical and mental engagement - breed requirements - but so far he's good to just bounce a round a little then prone to sleep for a few hours. (The life of a puppy!)

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