Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Triumphant Return?

I didn't understand the concept of the "micro-blog" when, as a professional communicator, it was introduced to me about 4 years back. "What is that, like the Daisy Dukes version of blogging?" I asked. "What could you possibly accomplish in an expression containing less than 200 characters?" Turns out, you can get quite a bit done as my a.) Facebook profile indicates and b.) my lagging blog entries support.

But let's face it, there's a time and a place for a quickie, and a time and a place for your Barry White bomchickabowwow. If we apply this comparison to communication we can see there is relevance - and requirement - to elaboration and detail. In fact, messages have always existed within a range: maybe they're short and to the point, or maybe they're conceptual and require more support. The only thing new is the medium through which they're filtered.

What I find is that if the balance shifts too much to one end of the range, the deficit is nearly immediately apparent in my mental state. Too much micro-short-get-it-done messaging and I become frenetic. Too much elaborative detail that fails to express purpose and I become impatient or bored. What matters most to me is that I'm able to accomplish the things to which I am held accountable - both personally and professionally - while having time to absorb and process new information in my quest for lifelong learning.

Over the past month, my commitments and self-imposed scales have required a great deal of attention. It's hard to believe it's nearly June and I'm still invested in my self-improvement/personal organization project. I have given myself permission to spend the entire year of 2010 working on this "life edit" because it's important to me. I want it to be an adaptive behavior, so I have better systems in place for managing scenarios to which I'm cyclically exposed.

At the same time, I am actively evolving and unwilling to yield learning opportunities that keep me both humble and interested and which I feel bring value to both my own personal repertoire as well as the physical and mental well being of others. (Insert big Ooey-Gooey Zen Sigh here.)

What does that mean, in simple terms? (Here's where we get to demonstrate message diversity.)

  • I planted some more tomatoes this year.
  • I sat for my full Level 1 STOTT PILATES certification examination last weekend.
  • I finally figured out how to make my wireless modem work with my laptop and suddenly my living arrangements have changed dynamically (for the better!).
Let's see if the pendulum swing to a wee bit more depth of content and reduced "life speed" will last. I am hoping it will be with me for the summer, as while I don't want to rest on my laurels, I do want to give myself a break. Life is too short for implosion.
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