Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hanging Gardens of Babylon III

"Repurposing" is my word du jour when it comes to my little patio gardening attempts. I was mad impressed with my thoughtful conversion of some dry-rotted storage containers into planters, and am eternally optimistic in thinking that despite everything I've planted in them has died immediatelyfailed to thrive, they're going to give life to my started-too-late-and-unlikely-to-bear-fruit tomatoes. It's for this reason, too, I'm really excited it's farmer's market season. What we fail to produce here at the farm we can easily obtain just a stone's throw across the river. I MIGHT even add some air to the tires of mi bicicleta and ride over Saturday morning.

I also added an outdoor shade since my southwest-facing patio (complete with authentically redneck DirecTV satellite) gets all scorched and, in keeping with my redneckiness, stapled some screen to the railing. This way we get as much light as possible, but we attempt to keep the temps down a few degrees. Will it work? Only time, tomatoes, and fresh basil will tell. I am committed, however. And I will not stop until something - I don't even care what - grows and flourishes "in the garden." I am not dooming the lantana - a plant which supposedly is indestructible, although mine is looking puny - just yet. If anything, cactus is always an option!

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