Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hanging Gardens of Bablyon II

The hanging coconut fiber baskets, despite chronic watering, served as nothing more than the Fred Flinstone version of a microwave oven last summer and rendered the petunias wilted and chewy by July 1. This year we're trying something new: Hanging Butterfly Gardens of Babylon. Basket lantana is specifically developed not to spread, and the plant itself is very heat and drought tolerant. Plus, butterflies love it. Score!

Debbie at Barton Nursery gave me a tip and I'm trying it this year: line the coconut fiber with a plastic bag (poke a few holes in the bottom), then fill with potting soil. This creates a moisture barrier and prevents the fiber baskets from sucking the life out of the soil and, as such the plant.

You know you like 7th grade science class with Robby as much as I do. Admit it. 

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