Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Robby Recycles

It's no big secret I've been recycling for decadesyears. And because I'm Robby, this means I continue to seek the perfect recycling station solution. When I lived in Little Rock and owned a home, it was quite simple: put recycling items in the provided-by-city-utility receptacle in garage. Place at curb on designated day.

Because I live in an apartment (which we're saying goodbye to next year and, gulp, doing the big boy thing and purchasing a home), and in a city where recycling works a bit differently - there are these big trailers with compartments located around town where you can place your items - I have to be strategic and segregate my recyclables. This, of course, requires a system.

Robby lives for a system. 

Or, I should say, Robby lives for the pursuit of the perfect system. 

Last summer I purchased these mesh laundry hampers - the sort I like to call "voila!" because they fold down to a circle and you flick them open with your hand to produce a hamper: brilliant - that were sectioned and, to be honest, they worked fine. I could just grab the handles, place in my car, and go. However, it had to live on the floor of my kitchen and I was always having to move it and, if you know me, you know I have a hard time with things being out of place. I am spending 30 minutes a day attempting to edit my life and, as such, have gotten comfortable with things being disheveled because I know in the end THE SYSTEM is going to be amazing, but honestly, life is too short for a mesh laundry basket on your kitchen floor.

So I'm workshopping this representative system: maize baskets ($5 each, Wal-Mart) with recycle bags inside atop my kitchen cabinets. Sure, I have to get a small ladder out each time I want to fill them, but that's OK. It's exercise. And who doesn't like standing up tall, peering down on his kingdom, making proclamations and judging the underlings (Maddie)?  These 3 baskets are designated for paper, metal/aluminum cans, and plastic. I retained a different receptacle, that matches somewhat in its lime green plasticness, for cardboard, which I find I actually amass most.

We shall see how long this system lasts. Already I feel better knowing things are more concealed and orderly, but I do recognize it's not the most efficient way. I know if I cleared the baker's rack of display objet I could pull off the same idea in a more easy-to-access schematic, but let's just take it 30 minutes at a time. 

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