Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Times

The 2010 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event has come and gone. It was the 12th year in a row I've attended: each year with one of my best friends Shannon-na-nana-na or, as she is sometimes also called, "Theresa." The photograph is of use watching the dressage on Friday afternoon. I thought it would be funny to attempt to capture Ollie Townend in the ring as he did his dressage test on Ashdale Cruise Master. Squint hard down by "A" (or the white tent for all of you non-dressage-ring readers) and you'll see him doing his thang.

This year we lost one of the Janes but picked up another, so I still had 2/3 Jane representation (AND learned what a co-efficient meant in simple terms, thanks Jane!) and I couldn't have been happier. I am blessed to say my life is good every day, but it's even better when I'm around horses and my horsey friends.

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