Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cool Guy

I was all set to tackle the world of app development because, like my desire to be the Rat King in The Nutcracker even though a.) I'm nearly 39 and b.) I've never danced a ballet step in my life and c.) I've never even seen The Nutcracker, I never let lack of knowledge or skill deter me in my pursuit of things I think have potential.

One of my favorite movies ever is "Clueless," and it suddenly occurred to me that an app reminiscent of Cher's closet organization computerized clothing matching system would quite possibly be the best thing I could ever put on my iPhone. I'm a visual perceiver and tend to respond/learn from shapes, color, and actions. I also think an app like this could totally ROCK for packing, and completely eclipse "Packing List," an app I purchased before traveling to England last year. It's a list, so of course it lacks any visual texture and, as such, I perceive it as useless. I mean really, app developer, who doesn't think to pack a razor and deodorant? (Jared Leto notwithstanding.)

So I've been all excited and even made a contact with someone who is developing an app and offered to connect me with his development team in India. I mentioned this at the pool on Sunday and of course one of the children said, "There's already an app for that. It's called Cool Guy." I wasn't really that surprised since the whole "App for everything," catchphrase is based on a heightened reality and so I've downloaded (it's even free) and am going to give it a spin. It won't spin outfits like All Recipes, or Cher in "Clueless," but it's a lot farther than I'd have likely gotten. NOTE: I don't fail at everything I think is cool. I have been practicing my arabesque. But if I've learned anything it's that we must pick and choose our battles.

Anyone have experience or opinions regarding this app?

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