Monday, March 29, 2010


I still can't believe it all worked out.

I hadn't been skiing since 2007, when we visited the legendary Le Broussard in Whitefish, Montana. Having only learned to ski in 2005, I've had the good fortune to also ski in New Mexico, and Park City, Utah. It had become an annual occasion with my friends Mark and Bill until my pilates education became a timing barrier, so I was thankful to be at an accomplished place with that so 2010 could be about returning to the slopes. In all honesty, I have acquired an appropriate amount of ski garb and I refuse NOT to wear it.

Initially I had planned a Valentine's Day return to Montana but several challenges presented as the year progressed: a fund-raising event in town I needed to support, as well as extreme airfare for Mark and Bill (I'd redeemed a frequent flyer ticket). As the year culminated, my friend Erin, who had hosted us in Park City in 2006, purchased her first home there, and we decided to see it in person.

During my hiatus from skiing, Mark and Bill have continued an annual trip or, as I like to call it, ski-cheating. They've skiied Breckenridge, Colorado, as well as Park City again last year. We like Park City and Deer Valley, so it's an easy decision to return there, even moreso now that we've had our celebrity brush with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick at the Empire Mountain Lounge at Deer Valley Resort.

Bill has become quite accomplished at attacking the blue slopes whereas I prefer a blue-green combination. This wasn't a problem, per se, until Saturday when Picabo Native Erin joined us and I decided to ski down a green trail to meet them at a lift and, as it turned out, that trail didn't terminate at the desired point. This left me alone to navigate my own personal 2-hour Odyssey and I've never been so happy as I was when I saw Bill skiing below me on the lift, oblivious to my perch 100 feet above ground. We finished the day skiing some really great trails down to a hearty lunch, and added greatly to our ski repertoire: 1.5 days at Deer Valley, 1 full day (scalped ticket, thank you Mitchell family) at Park City, quality time with Miss Erin and her precious canine Addie, apres ski at various locales, and sleeping until we felt like waking ... I miss it already!

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