Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Renewed Zest

Last Wednesday something peculiar happened. I suddenly lost my DSL connection a la casa. Since it's been as steady as this hair that grows out of the top of my right ear EVEN THOUGH I PLUCK THE SONOFABITCH WEEKLY I was rightfully concerned and equally as dreadful. Anytime there is an issue which prompts phoning a customer service center there is almost always a requirement or request for The Numbers. We hates The Numbers. Give us 30 hairy ears over recitation of account and password and IP settings any day ... I don't know them, I don't care to know them, and only when fully taxed will I relent and produce them. Since I only keep a telephone number for my DSL, I don't know it and have to look it up in the phone book maybe once each year. Similarly, I don't use the associated email account and am fairly sure I established the password in 2006. Are you feeling my pain yet?

Fortunately the woman at ATT was fantastic and made all of these attempts to check the line, then she reset my password to something I will remember. This made the whole "Still not working" thing slightly more palatable. So she sent out a tech, who actually called to let me know he was en route, meaning I didn't have to sit around and wait from 8 - 12. Long story short, he found nothing wrong, DSL still didn't work, so I had to call again on Friday and schedule another service for yesterday. I was away for the weekend so this wasn't a huge deal but I was really stoked yesterday when he finally fixed the issue (he'd missed a splice on his first visit) then setup my new wireless modem.

For anyone who has ever visited me and asked, casually, "Do you have Wi-Fi?" only to hear crickets chirping immediately followed by "Check out these new shoes I just got," you may now bring your little laptop or device or whatevz and feel the love of my wirelessness, promptly named RBJ_Empire. That's right, Empire.

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