Thursday, March 04, 2010

Past. Present. Future.


In 2001 I sent my mare, Willow Bay, a thoroughbred by Count Eric (Riverman) and out of a Tudor Minstrel-bred mare (that's her jumping up the bank at Las Colinas Horse Trials in Irving, Texas, ca. 1999), to Canada to be bred to champion Canadian performance sire A Fine Romance.  Long story short, she stayed in Canada for a year, had her gorgeous healthy foal, then promptly colicked and had to be euthanized five days later leaving behind the orphan, Tiamo. Obviously this was a sad, tragic time and many people came together to ensure his survival. I was able to see him when he was about 5 weeks old and then again the next year before bringing him down to the States.

I sold him in February 2005 to an amazing owner and rider in Virginia, and he was started as a 4 year-old in 2006 and has been competed by professional three-day event rider Allison Springer. He's a lovely, fancy, amazing horse and has grown up to be exactly what I envisioned when I sent Willow away. He has been sold this week to a young lady and she's super excited to have such a nice horse to teach her about "the upper levels." Selfishly, I'm even more excited because, guess what, she lives in Memphis! That means he'll be nearby(ish) and hopefully I'll be able to see him regularly. 

Congratulations to Kristen, and a huge Thank You to so many, many people who supported me and Tiamo: Gail Rogers, Evan Haller, Sue Beard, Leslie Carter, Kim Gale, Kate Byron, Kaiti Saunders, Allison Springer ... and a long lengthy list I could continue typing but am sure I will forget names and so shall stop here.

To Susan Burney, who is watching from the next dimension, you did well when you plucked the mare out of a pasture in Hot Springs because you had a coincidental breeding to use and needed ovaries and a uterus! Your actions changed my life and I will never forget it.

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