Friday, February 19, 2010


What I really need is a Macbook. So of course that means I've bought a STOTT PILATES spring wall for la hacienda instead. It's the Robby way. Technological superiority or Madonna arms? Such a no-brainer. 

I am excited about its arrival as there are tons of exercises we (and by we I mean I) can accomplish in a very small amount of space. One of the things I love about pilates, and what this journey continues to teach me, is that exercise isn't necessarily more effective if it's timebound. "I worked out for 3 hours" doesn't mean jack if you're not doing it correctly and, if you are, I would immediately suspect you're over-doing it. 

Cliche though it seems, I have learned much from watching my dog, as well as my horses. Each morning Maddie wakes up and does a couple of really nice Down Dogs, as well as a few Up Dogs. Then she sleeps for a few more hours. When she wakes up, same thing again. Other than wishing I could sleep for 22 hours each day, I think the learning portion is that maintaining (and improving) our physical functioning abilities is an ongoing practice throughout our day. Humans evolved to a superior level of functioning through necessity, but modernization has removed opportunities to move and condition the body in the manner in which it is intended.

Check out Ellie Herman, who invented the pilates spring wall, doing this amazing Teaser/Jackknife combo on YouTube. If I ever gain this level of control (or flat belly!) I will add one as well.

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