Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seedling Evolution

I mentioned awhile back that I'm attempting to grow spinach this cold weather season. But because I can never go shopping for just one item (who buys just 1 pair of pants?) I am also attempting to grow carrots. This is what my friend Ian refers to as "bumping it up a notch."

The good news is, I've taken a positive first step. I have actually planted seeds. This year I'm not using those magic pellet seed starters because even though they are mesmerizing to watch grow into dirt wads when you add the warm water (oooohhhhhh, grow-y) they sort of choke the roots of your seedlings. At least that's how it happened to me last year. Instead, I've been saving a few egg cartons and am finding them to be very effective with a regular soil medium.

The part I don't like is deciding which little sprouts can live, and which ones must take one for the team. It's like little plant abortion decisions and it just makes me want to lie down catatonic once I concede. But for every ending there is a beginning, and I will remember you, little baby sproutlings, and thank you for at least showing up for the audition, when I am eating your big brother/sister.

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chasian said...

Now that is bumping it up a notch!