Monday, February 22, 2010

Black History Month

Celebrate diversity! That's what I say. Make an effort to know more about people - that's what it's all about over here in Robbyville. One of the things I enjoy in my career as a public relations practitioner is keeping the message going: so many times in a campaign the messaging peaks early and by the end it's often watered down or lost in the shuffle. This is my effort to keep an important message vivid and awake. Visit the national Black History Month website and do some reading, and hopefully acquire some new learning.

I hate to be the cliche (and for all my Tuscaloosa kids that reference is actually double entendre ... or is it?) because I know many people view music as a lesser contribution, but music and soul are two different things. When they intersect, it's magic. Call her a singer, or call her a shamen, either way I think the legendary Angie Stone is a fine representative for Black History Month.

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