Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Freeze Frame

It's not so bad to be inside the box, as long as the resident play things entertain and inspire. (Deep thoughts by Robby Johnson, Vol. IV.XII.)

And when things become formulaic, they start to look formulaic. (Formula + Formula = Formula.) That's what a drag queen might describe as "tired." When something is tired it's predictable, not really memorable, and it lacks the creative package that entices and, essentially, it stops telling a story.

We commonly see this in television programming, music, and many other facets of the visual arts. One, in particular, I find static is the mystical, magical, wedding. Fortunately for brides and grooms in central Alabama and other parts of the Southeast, there's Emanuel Neiconi. He's from Romania, y'all, and that means he's got them European ideas and influences, all refined-like. OK, I'm only having a bit of fun with colloquialism, but the simple truth is Emanuel has an amazing ability to capture moments and images that tell a story, reflect a celebration, and are unique and timeless in their presentation.

I think this is what a drag queen might call "flawless."

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