Thursday, January 14, 2010

Carpenter's Son

For about a year I've been contemplating some sort of platform bed for my home office/workout room/guest room space. When I initially added the bed, after selling my elliptical machine (sorry Brian Arnold, I will never forget our 4-hour assembly in the barn apartment in Little Rock!), it was a simple bed frame which offered no storage whatsoever; the fact is the room is quite small and I have a bunch of stuff! 

Browses through IKEA and the like, of course, yielded quite a few options, but none were elevated, so I enlisted the assistance of mi padre. Now, one thing I should say is that I am my father's son in many ways (not just sharing his name), and we both love to work with wood. In fact, I have watched marathon episodes of "Yankee Workshop" more cold Saturdays than I can count and always think, "If I just had $500,000 worth of laser equipment and a serious education, I could be a professional carpenter." Granted, my father's skills are pretty impressive. Mine? Not so much. It's sort of like my attempts at sewing. I have more vision, but am not patient enough for the details. 

Daddy agreed to build me the platform as a Christmas gift, using Southern Yellow Pine (of course!), and though he pushed back several times when I said I wanted a full 24" of clearance beneath it for all of the exercise stuff, he acquiesed. And though it might seem a bit Transformer-meets-funeral-pyre, I love love love it. Right now it works in function (I slept on it the night my parents brought it up as, of course, they slept in my bed) and, for me, form. The good news is that it can be reduced from the legs when I get into a permanent residential situation. For now, I'm going to add a few more baskets for stuff and fluff it up as much as possible.

I love it for lots of reasons: mostly because my dad built it for me. In giving me a more efficient space for storing my workout stuff I have a.) begun using it more and b.) now have an impetus for continuing my office/life organizational edit. 2010 is the year of reduction, spurned on by the addition of 24"!

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Pennisi's said...

This is beautiful! Thankl you for sharing bits and pieces of your relationship with your daddy!