Monday, January 18, 2010

Basket Case

I didn't know the origin of the derogatory description "basket case." I just knew it meant cray-cray. But now that we're living in the future, and we have access to a ridiculous amount of information, there's really no reason NOT to know anything. The challenge, I think, is recognizing an opportunity to learn - not just pulling information when it's a critical requirement. As a writer, I'm always thirsty for an enhanced vocabulary. Sure, it's not Pythagorean Theorem or anything those math-y sorts know and get paid mad cash to own, but in a battle of words I will see your "gross" and raise you a "macabre," then laugh all the way to the bank.

Wow, I love how this happens. I fully intended to write about my new obsession with organizing my life by a.) purging a bunch of stuff I no longer use or need then b.) containing the previously-uncontained in baskets. Apparently I needed to take that little pit stop at Think Smart first. Thanks for your patience. Currently my living space isn't very pretty. I try to keep everything neat and orderly, but my system has become somewhat disheveled and is bordering on "skinny fat." 

When the very process of attempting to tidy the laundry room by just reorganizing a shelf turns into 6 hours of massive purge and overhaul, you have to just ride out what you know to be a positive ending. In my work environment, we might call these efforts "value-adding." Last weekend it was said laundry room. This weekend it included my breeze storage closet that is 4' x 4' and may've reminded you of Fred Flinstone's closet, and my personal bedroom closet. A massive wardrobe edit has ensued, and I have completely rearranged my closet to be more efficient. Hooray!

The Final Frontier is a bunch of paper/documentation that may or may not be relevant. I have to go through several big storage bins to make these decisions. Whatever "stays," is getting scanned and stored to disk, then shredded. While I do anticipate many more hours of dedicated effort, I am certain the ends will justify the means. This is, after all, what January is for. Right?

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