Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I quite enjoy the moments I'm able to bridge ambition and anxiety with action. In my experience these are the moments when we are capable of change and growth because they combine the critical component of self-motivation with a baseline of confidence which, in turn, allows us to take a risk.

Sometimes these moments, for me, can be as abstract as vacuuming the baseboards or as concrete as expressing an emotional feeling or need, but the more I practice the objective process of investing energy in the litany of items I deem important, the more I am rewarded with a sense of contentment. Whether or not the outcome meets the expectation I had when I contributed the input, there's applied learning to be recognized and honored, and I think that adds dimension to my person.

Often I see things that are beautiful and wish I could capture the moment in a photograph. And surprisingly (to me, at least) there are times when I'm selfish about those moments and choose to file the snapshot mentally. My iPhone has actually made it much easier for me to retain inspirational moments. I snapped this picture on the river the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I love the amber light of late afternoon and the slick surface of the river.

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Shannon said...

"I quite enjoy the moments I'm able to bridge ambition and anxiety with action."

Fantastic way of putting this thought out there... I am often frozen by my overwhelming need to accomplish things, and put everything right in my world. The problem is the sheer amount of things that need righting....so I just take a nap. :D