Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My new obsession is inversion. I love hanging upside down, particularly off the Cadillac at the pilates studio, and especially when I can fully release and stretch the TFL and iliopsoas. Hip pain be gone! Adding the abdominal work (the curls) from an inverted, released position is also phenomenal: "grippy hips" get in the way of engaging the abdominals in many upright positions.

I have a decline bench at home which, when I pull it from behind the guest bed, introduces this idea somewhat effectively. I also hang from the fuzzy straps, as mentioned, and am on the precipice of ordering some gravity boots, though I'm not sure I actually can use them on my pull-up bar at home due to a space limitation between top of the bar and door frame. So, of course, I've begun monkeying with my gymnastic training rings and actually hung from them for a brief period last night with my knees flexed. Not the safest thing to do with only your Jack Russell waiting down below (to lick your face, of course, once you're completely inverted), but not to worry, I'm a trained professional and don't take unsafe risks. Plus, I totally had my iPhone down there in case I needed to call out a MayDay.

I am doing somewhat OK on my goal for December. Water has been my most successful area, with cardio and sleeping earlier running about 30% below expectation. Always room to improve but hey, acceptance is the first step to recovery, right?

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