Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have been into quinoa for a few years now, but only because I read an article that briefly mentioned it as a great protein source, easy to cook, yada yada yada. I knew it came from South America, but only now did I actually read the Wikipedia entry (essentially verifying me as an expert), and mostly because I am having a big bowl following my Wednesday Night Workout and thinking "I'm doing so good for myself. I'm having protein. I'm steaming stuff. OMG I have creamy caesar dressing in the refrigerator!"

Let the record show that life is too short for your refrigerator to not include Ken's Lite Bleu Cheese Dressing or Ken's Lite Creamy Caesar which, I'm going to admit, isn't as bold as the bleu cheese but it's appropriate on nearly everything. Looking for a way to wake up a Boca Burger or a steamed sweet potato? Arrange its marriage with bleu cheese. Is it justifiable to make your apartment smell like broccoli IF you get to eat creamy caesar? I think you know the answer to that is "Oh hell yeah."

And with that I'm off to bed to finish, hopefully, "A Confederacy of Dunces," which has been on my list for years, and which I've relished for over a month, and am anxious to add to the "did" list.

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