Tuesday, November 03, 2009


From the "Interesting Products I Should Try" file comes OnTyte, a magnetic stirrup system that works with a special boot sole to keep your foot connected to the stirrup. Before I go any farther, I will say that your foot isn't glued in, nor is it a magnet akin to the Wile E. Coyote version from "Roadrunner," that would lift you through the Grand Canyon. Quite simply, the connection breaks as soon as the angle is challenged.

Nothing says panic like losing a stirrup at a critical moment, does it big mound at Kentucky? As if jumping something at the top and galloping off of you weren't intimidating enough, doing it with only one stirrup because I was riding a bottle rocket just made it even more awesome and panicky. I think the mental confidence that comes from being secure does a lot to promote balance and stability, and as someone also invested in body mechanics I definitely think the old standard cry from the rail bird coach to "Sink into your heels," is a misdirection. Dorsiflexion decreases the angle of the ankle and actually lifts the toe, making it more difficult to keep the foot in the stirrup. Pressing through the ball of the foot and using the calf to secure the connection - while focusing on the position of YOUR PELVIS - is the name of the upright game.

OnTyte is USEF approved for show-jumping and eventing. I'm excited about giving them a try. Who cares if I'm 40 when it happens ... one day I'm going to have a show-jumping picture with my leg in a secure position and not mimicking Superman!

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Ontyte said...


I was so excited to come across your note about OnTyte on your blog.

I am doing some online PR and marketing for OnTyte - basically spreading the word about OnTyte via grassroots methods, so it is exciting to find that people are talking about and are intrigued by OnTyte.

Many top grand prix and eventing riders such as Laura Kraut, Nick Skelton, Lauren Hough, Richard Spooner, Kent Farrington, Micheal Whitaker, Philip Dutton (and many more!) are now using OnTyte and love them.

Laura Kraut speaks highly of OnTyte: 'OnTyte Is Amazing! To walk into the ring using OnTyte is a real comfort, it takes the worry of losing a stirrup away. I can't imagine riding without them!'

OnTyte is also proving to be extremely effective for riders with disabilities. Christine Righeimer, who has MS, says, “There are not enough words to describe how much [OnTyte] has helped me ride with my MS. I can stop worrying about losing my stirrups when I lose feeling in my feet and be a more confident rider again”

If you want to try the stirrups before fully investing them, the following tack shops are currently Offering Test Rides:
1. Ann K Hubbords–IL & mobile store
2. Hadfield’s- mobile Store
3. Collierville Tack Shop- Tennesse and mobile store
4. Rolling Meadows – mobile store (California)

For more information about the product and show results of the top OnTyte riders, become a fan on Facebook and follow OnTyte on Twitter!


Thanks for your interest! Feel free to contact me with any questions, ontyte@gmail.com.