Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looking Ahead

Even though it was 75 degrees yesterday, the week prior to Thanksgiving (one of the reasons I love me some Deep South), I was looking ahead. I knew winter would arrive eventually (good morning rain-arrival and frigidity!) and when you keep the sort of calendar I keep, that can only mean one thing: accommodations for Memorial Day at Pensacola Beach.

I have really begun to look forward to this weekend out of the year since moving back to Alabama 3 years ago and having the beach in a relatively close proximity. It's not the same as my life on the coast, where I grew up. Back in those days going to the beach was an integrated part of your life and not so much a destination. My friend Toshi and I would go for the day, get our bronzilla on, then head back to the Mobz for a night of debauchery. Ahhh, fun times.

Now, however, a bit more planning is involved. With my crew of Pensacola Homeys - scattered from South Carolina to Atlanta to Tuscaloosa - we have a fantastic zen that combines more settled adult practices with reach-into-your-bag party boy antics. Since my bag is rapidly depleting and not replenishing (thank God ... I'm becoming party infertile, it's party menopause!) I have taken to a role I quite enjoy - Kitchen Bitch - and ensuring our beach tent is appropriately luxe and equipped for any party foul emergencies. This year my fellow MacGyver friend and I are scheming on how to transport and construct a Cabo-inspired open canopy deck on the beach. That plan will continue to evolve.

Step 1, however, has been secured. Condo is booked, workout plan is amped up, and my favorite part - swimsuit shopping - can commence.

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Arkanzin said...


Can I be part of your Pensacola Homeys? If so, you need to extend the parameters westward to Little Rock.

I am so, SO trying to make it work this upcoming year!