Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lips Like Sugar

They say ask 1000 people and you'll get 1000 answers. I think that's how the old saying goes. Or maybe I just made it up. Maybe what I meant was "Try 1000 lip balms and you'll form 1000 opinions." That's probably more indicative of one of my many eccentricities - you know, those little things that feed my alter-superhero ego Captain Crazy.

Lately I have acquired entirely too many tubes of lip balm because I never seem to be able to find it when I need it, so I always buy more. I don't like things in my pockets, and so when I come in I either place said lip balm in my desk drawer (office) or in a clay pot on the bar (home), then neglect transporting when I leave because, again, hate things in pockets. If you ever need lip balm, by the way, those locations are gold mines.

My favorite, and the one I can be most committed to (18% of the time), is from Aveda. At $8.50 a tube you might think "Blaspheme!" but I have to tell you, it throws Mario Badescu under the bus, and says "Chap this, 'ho" to regular old Chapstick.  

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