Wednesday, November 18, 2009


One of the things I routinely seek is a system of organization that thinks like me (McCrazy). And while it doesn't always hit the mark, I must say I was thrilled when my uber-talented webmaster tipped me off to Evernote. If you're an iPhone user (and if you're not, you should be), Evernote is the white-hot bomb, and here's why: it syncs between your phone, the web, or a desktop download.

Into this portal of organizational lusciousness one can take a snapshot of, say, a poplar leaf that inspires him, or a neat gift idea for Christmas that he happens to see in May. From there, he might add the images to a folder called "Tree Art," or "Holiday Gift Ideas," and when he circles back to the idea, the inspiration is contained neatly in a tagged folder with tags that makes sense to him.

Browsing YouTube and see instructions on how to execute your Halloween costume? Send your link directly to Evernote via a sharing icon on your desktop, or email it to your Evernote email account and organize it later. There are tons of possibilities and, best of all, it's completely free.

I took my 9 year-old nephew shopping a few weeks ago down in Mobile as he enjoys playing his Nintendo DS games and I wanted him to show me some that he liked. He is at that fun age where he needs and wants everything, and assumes you're so stupid that he can convince you of anything just by the mere power of his suggestion (e.g. We walk past a display of football interview DVDs from ESPN and he stops, and says, "Oh God, I love this movie so much," then looks at me with these big imploring eyes. I'm like, "Right except it's not so much a movie but a TV interview.")

As he showed me the games he likes (including a new Wii machine - hey, he's an opportunist) and I took pictures and tagged them to Evernote I noticed him watching me intensely. I told him what I was doing and he thought it was pretty cool. After we finished we were browsing the electronics department and he brought up the new Transformers DVD and said, "Uhm, Robby, this is the movie I was telling you about." I absentmindedly remarked, "Oh yeah, I think it was on an airplane I was on recently," and kept browsing. A few seconds passed and he said, "Do you need to take a picture of it?"

Behold, the power of suggestion.
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Arkanzin said...

I have Evernote on my phone but I'm not sure what purpose it serves.

If I see something I'm interested in, I take a picture of it. I tried to use Evernote but it took so long to open and once it did, it just took a picture.

So, why not just take a picture? What does Evernote do that taking a picture won't?

'Splain, please.

Thanks! I'll hang up and listen!