Thursday, October 29, 2009


One of my biggest fears is being mauled by an animal. I find this story of Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell's death by coyote attack very gruesome and equally as sad. I have dear friends in Canada who are also members of the folk music scene and appreciate the connection to "the thing" that inspires them creatively. 

Years ago I recall the coverage of the growing coyote population and migration into North America and an expert saying the predatorial instincts of the animals would continue to adapt so as to take advantage of available food sources. As shocking as the death of a human by coyote attack is, I think it's also telling considering coyote, as a general rule, are sole hunters who seldom hunt as a pack and only do to attack large prey.

Clearly there is a habitat imbalance, and it goes without saying that the death of a human should serve as a representative beacon of its restoration.

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