Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Retro Harvest Maddie

I try to make it a practice to let sleeping dogs lie, unless of course it involves infidelity or money you owe me in which case, wake your ass up sucka, cuz we gotz to talk.

For this reason alone, I have never gotten into dressing Maddie up in dog clothes. And I sometimes feel inferior and dead-beat for this, especially on Christmas morning when my dog-niece Ping has on her super cute Christmas sweater(s).

Maddie has two items of apparel: her Christmas-motif fleece which was acquired when she had to wait in the car on a cold post-Thanksgiving day in Memphis while I did some pilates observation and exercise (there was a pet boutique next door to the studio) and her Camilla Parker-Bowles Barbour jacket which her Aunt Shannon talked me into buying at a chi-chi boutique in Santa Fe after too many margaritas.

Tomorrow night we're going to Marcia's riverside Halloween pet party, and I thought about a costume for Maddie because, let's face it, if I'm going to put your poopie in a bag and throw it away, you can suck it up and be a daisy costume 3 hours, but I got sucked into more functional apparel last night in the pet section of my local WM. I can't even type the full name because it makes me get all Betty Butterfield. But it is affordable, and that's just how it is.

Maddie is much more Sporty Spice than she is Pink Princess so we avoided the LuLu collection altogether. We opted for 2 sweaters, both of which are based on a brown and orange palette, so she's going as either Retro Harvest Maddie (pictured) or Varsity Marcia Brady Maddie. Stay tuned to see what she decides!

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Shelby's Mom said...

Robby, my dog also has only two pieces of clothing...a blue sweater for fall/winter and an "all star" top for spring/summer. I have to draw the line when it comes to the Snuggie...although I caved and bought myself one, I don't think Bama needs one :)
Maddie is the bomb! Just like her owner.